Guidelines For Buying Property (Land or House) in Lagos

 Guidelines For Buying Property (Land or House) in Lagos

Areas such as Lekki, VI, Banana Island, Ibeju-Lekki, Ikoyi Etc are considered as commercial hubs in Lagos. For this reasons most Nigerians try to acquire properties in these choice places, which has made these choice places attractive & lucrative for investors & also fraud vulnerable, thereby making people fall victim of land scammers & land grabbers popularly known as omo-onile.

However, as a result of the dreadful stories about these people, most investors are terrified of purchasing properties because of the fear of getting duped & are constantly looking for guidelines for a hitch-Free transaction, below are things you should do

  • When driving & you are stopped by the Federal Road Safety Commission, what do you present?
    Your car papers & particulars shows that you are the legal owner of the car & it is not a stolen property.
    Every car requires its complete papers & as such same principles applies when buying a land or house.Anyone transferring ownership of any property to you, irrespective of the relationship, such a person must show you the documents he/she executed with the previous owner to show proof of Ownership.

    If this is not done, your property & your right to title is at risk of being nullified.

  • This process requires patience & caution, hence ensure to conduct a proper land verification search.Land verification search is important to detect the real owner of a property & to reveal if the area intended is Government Acquired or not.

    It is also good to verify if the area you intended to acquire the land is Government Restricted. This is one of the major reasons why houses are demolished by the Govt when construction of roads or building of public schools & other Govt. facilities especially when such houses falls within the Right It way.

    Please do not fail to take this step because many of those who failed to comply have had their houses demolished or claimed by another owner with better title.

  • You need a Trusted, Reliable & Experienced Real Estate Consultant1,To protect your interest..
    2, To carry out research on any property before purchase
    3, To introduce you to properties free from all Government encumbrance.
    4. To advise you on the best Property to go for.

    We have fraudulent companies presenting themselves as real estate Development companies. As a real estate consultant, we know these companies. We will recommend the best Land for you. The land that will give you peace of mind.
    Honestly you don’t want to be a victim.. You need an Experienced Trusted & Reliable Real Estate Consultant to guide you before buying a land.

  • Land scammers usually urge their victims to pay cash to cover up theirs tracks. Please, do not be a victim too.Proper documentation is required for any land transaction no matter how many minute it is.

    Avoid paying cash, instead it is recommended to use a recognised bank for payment when dealing with any property.

    This will save an investor a lot of stress when trying to track down a fraudulent seller


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