Beware of scammers when buying land

In Nigeria, one of the many great achievements considered of a person is to be a Land Owner. People in Nigeria everyday aspire to be Land Owners.

The problem however does not lie in getting a land to buy, but getting a “Fraud Free Land”. It becomes scary for a person that has no idea of how the whole transaction of ownership of Property & title goes.

The questions like: “WHAT IF I GET DUPED” starts running through your mind.
The truth is the whole process of acquiring a land for some people will be easier because of the knowledge and experience in such dealings while for some, it will be difficult because of knowledge & experience.
But the good news is, it is not as difficult as it seems however, One still needs to be very careful, you need to understand the pros & cons of land titles & instrument of transfer of land.

Do you feel this way sometimes, when you think of investing? 😊

When you bought your land…. did you get your Survey, Deed of Assignment, Receipt etc?

Share your story in the comment section.

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