Before You Get DUPED

In Lagos Nigeria  80% or Fraudulent acts in Property & Real Estate Businesses are perpetrated by Land-Grabbers popularly known as “Omo-Oniles”

These land grabbers have “DEFRAUDED” caused pain & problems to innocent people who want to be Land-Owners.

It is funny that people still fall victim of these omo-onile even after the Lagos State Govt. has set up a task force to tackle these land grabbers which begins the question “WHY DO PEOPLE FALL VICTIM TO OMO-ONILES?” It is common to hear people say “Government is not doing their job” but let me ask this, have you made yourself vulnerable enough to be scammed by these Land Grabbers?

How far have you let your guards down?

If you have been scammed then there is something you are not doing right.

Have you or any family or friend been scammed when trying to invest in Real Estate?

Share your story in the comment section.

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